Plea of August 27, 2021 - Supreme Court of the Canton of Bern

1. Request for acquittal

I hereby request to be acquitted of the charge of contravening the COVID-19 Decree of the Federal Council.

This ordinance violates the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and was not justified by any epidemic emergency situation of national concern.

It was my right based on the freedom of expression to sing the 1st verse of the national anthem in front of the Wankdorf shopping centre in Bern on May 16, 2020.

As constantly reported, I deny having called for an unauthorized rally.

2. The facts

I have recorded my version of what happened on 16.05.21 in the relevant video film:

In short, I sang the 1st verse of the national anthem, and then added a sentence, in German and French:

We, the fearless, we who demand our freedom and our fundamental rights, we are the salt of democracy.

The two police reports of June 11 and 16, 2020, which were not written down immediately but with a considerable delay, claim that I had called for an unauthorised demonstration. I keep to deny this deliberately.

The reports do not specify from what distance the authors of the reports claim to have observed me doing so, and even explicitly admit that they cannot reproduce the exact wording of my slogans. The accusation is therefore very vague.

Moreover, there was a large crowd in the square and I was probably not the only person who attracted the attention of the police agents.

It may well be that these police officers mistook the shouts of a third person for my performance. On top of that, policemen are trained to follow the orders of their superiors and to be able to present them with wanted scapegoats to please them. One could call this a « déformation professionnelle ». It is therefore also possible that these police reporters have succumbed to their imagination, especially since they did not prepare their report immediately, but almost a month later.

In the report of June 11, 2020, it is alleged that I interrupted my calls for participation in an unauthorised rally when the police arrived and sang the national anthem. I made no such appeal, but repeated my above-mentioned sentence in French, and then sang the national anthem again in German. There is a partial conformity between the versions.

In any case, these police reports are not credible evidence to accuse me of calling for an unauthorised rally.

My statements in this regard have always been clear, consistent and without contradiction.

They could not admit that they had temporarily arrested me for singing the national anthem. That would have been too ridiculous.

3. My cursus as a Swiss patirotic Dissident

I am a well-known critic of the judicial system since 21 years. My criticism of magistrates and advocates has earned me sentences totalling 5 years and 2 months in prison for alleged defamation, with the usual accusatory inversion. I served 4 years for this. I was also charged with offences I never committed, such as constraint and threats. There is no police report in which I was found to have committed violence. The Federal Penal Court even had to reluctantly admit this on April 15, 2010. I was acquitted of the charge of attempted coercion by 8 federal judges. These federal judges who had accused me of constraint obviously did not know what constraint is in the criminal law sense:

I run 3 websites:  Because of illegal censorship access via a Proxy, e.g.

An overview of my activities as a justice critic can be found in the appendix:

- List of my books
- List of my videos

Years ago I was denigrated as a conspiracy theorist. For a long time I defended myself against this, until about 3 years ago I came to the conclusion that the cabal of globalists is a fact. Indeed, there is no other way to explain why no international body enforces human rights. See my video presentation in Nuremberg in April 2019:

Back then, I was a lone voice in the wilderness. That has changed abruptly with the plandemic. The agenda of the globalists has revealed their intentions to large parts of the better informed public. Today, Nobel laureates are called conspiracy theorists and here in Switzerland, probably about one fifth of the population is labelled by the old media with this unword of 2020/21.

The Corona Ausschuss D and associations as Anwälte für Aufklärung, Ärzte für Aufklärung, Polizisten für Aufklärung etc. have clearly recognised that our entire state system is totally degenerated. 

So today I feel to be in good company as a whistleblower of the really existing globalist cabal.

4. The non existing Pandemic

Among others, French pharmacology professor Jean Bernard FOURTILLAN and Canadian patent specialist Dr David MARTIN have proven that COVID-19 is an artificially created virus, which is even patented since 2003: 

However, this virus has never been isolated and identified since the declaration of the « Epidemic Emergency of International Concern ». Never could it be bred in pure culture. American psychiatrist Andrew KAUFMAN has compiled all 40,000 efforts worldwide that have attempted to detect COVID-19. All failures. COVID-19 does not exist in the free nature.

The US Senate has recognised that this plan is a lie: 

In Alberta / Canada, a court has ruled in favour of an ordinary worker, Patrick KING, that the corpus delicti of the virtual pandemic is non-existent:

Integer scientists independent of Big Pharma denounce the virtual pandemic as the greatest fraud and the greatest crime against humanity, such as these 60 academics:

It should be reminded that the WHO had banned autopsies on patients who had allegedly died of corona in order to blindly impose murderous therapy protocols:

The Corona Committee D, (Corona Ausschuss) headed by the lawyer Dr. Reiner FÜLLMICH has cast the historical evidence of this monumental crime in concrete. In 66 weekly hearings of competent and independent personalities so far, all of which are published on Internet, it has been shown how false positive case numbers were exploited forscaremongering with the help of the PCR test, which is useless for this purpose, and thus the mild flu waves of 2020 and 2021 were hyped up as a worldwide life-threatening epidemic. The globalist cabal did not shy away from lies and scientific fraud:

5. The Agenda of the globalists cabal

The Swiss economist and political analyst Peter KÖNIG, a long-time staff member of the World Bank and the WHO, reveals the goals of this criminal gang as follows:

  1. population reduction
  2. shifting of assets upwards
  3. transhumanism

Of the 600’000 US-Americans who allegedly died of or with Corona, more than 90 % are probably dead due to other causes:

In contrast, a VAERS (Vaccine adverse event report system) whistleblower reports that not only 15,000 but 45,000 deaths were reported within 3 days of the shots:

Since it is known that at most 10% of vaccine side effects are reported, it can be assumed that ½ to 1 million Americans have already died because of these gene therapies.

In Germany, the Corona Ausschuss estimates that the injections have killed about 20% of nursing home residents. This coincides with my observations at the Hugo Mendelheim in Zurich. After the « injections », 23 of the original 28 residents remained. The old media and our authorities are covering up this catastrophy. Alternative media, however, report very well about the great damage that this gene therapy is also causing here in Switzerland:

That's about the short-term effect.

A Japanese study has shown that the toxic spike protein injected into the upper arm is transported by the blood circulation to all organs and stored there, including in the ovaries and testicles:

It is to be feared that a very large part of the population in the reproduction age will become infertile:

This malicious intention to reduce the world's population is undoubtedly evident from the fact that the lying propaganda incessantly urges the injection of adolescents and even children, even though they are not affected by Corona at all and do not pose any risk of infection.

In the last 16 months, the total wealth of 713 US billionaires has increased by an incredible $1.8 trillion:

Meanwhile, the world economy is being driven to the wall by the insane lockdown measures. This recklessly provoked damage is causing millions of deaths as people succumb to hunger or disease.

The aforementioned 3rd goal of the globalists is transhumanism. Man is to be merged with technology because of his imperfection. The wonderful natural immunity is to be replaced by injections at irregular or regular intervals. There is already talk of the third « booster shot ». The European Union has apparently bought so many ampoules in advance that each of its citizens can get 4 injections. Switzerland has certainly been just as active in concluding these secret supply contracts, which exclude any liability on the part of the suppliers:

The ultimate goal is total digital surveillance via implanted chips that include our health records and bank accounts. Cash is to be abolished.

The plot is too obvious. The aforementioned Professor FOURTILLAN specifies that the creation of COVID-19 probably began in the early 1990s, and all patents related to the plague (so-called «vaccines», the fraudulent DROSTEN PCR test, etc.) were filed years in advance.

Former French politician Philippe DE VILLIERS has revealed that the European Union Commission, with the participation of a WHO delegation, decided to introduce the sanitary passport as early as September 12, 2019, at least 3 months before the allegedly brand new Corona virus emerged:

And in November 2019, Event 201 took place, i.e. the preparatory manoeuvre of the current Plandemic, involving the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda GATES Foundation and Johns Hopkins University. With the publication of his book « The Great Economic Reset », Klaus SCHWAB has given us further proof of the existence of the cabal.

On January 23, 2020, the WHO, with Bill GATES and Co in attendance, met and urged the declaration of a pandemic. However, it was realised that the necessary statistics would first have to be compiled. Promptly, the fake doctor Christian DROSTEN from the Charité / Berlin pulled out his PCR test, patented in advance for fraudulent purposes, and with the Corona-infected people thus falsely declared positive, the « epidemic emergency of international concern » was declared only 2 weeks later:

The DROSTEN test served as the basis for this academic fraud, although the unreliability of this method has long since been proven by a 22-member international panel of scientists:

Uptodate the pharmaceutical and laboratory lobby earns a fortune from this abusive testing.

As a precautionary measure, the WHO delegated a media officer to the USA on February 12, 2020 to negotiate a deal with the internet giants Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and others:

At that time, precautions were taken to ensure that every report that contradicted the WHO's plan strategy was mercilessly censored on the Internet. This was hypocritically called fact checking, which was supposed to prevent the spread of fake news. But in fact it is about the biggest scientific fraud in history. All independent personalities with integrity have been silenced.

According to Mike YEADON (see 66th meeting of the Corona Ausschuss) the same Corona lies were spread worldwide and the PCR test hoax implemented. Alternative cures (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin etc. ) were suppressed. Supply contracts stipulate that injections must also go on when alternative cures are available. YEADON: «The Design of this "vaccination" is stupid.»

Here in Switzerland, too, effective therapies for the treatment of patients allegedly suffering from Corona are systematically suppressed.

It is simply claimed that « vaccination » has no alternative.

Almost all states have given up their independence and submitted to the WHO. Switzerland has also given up its sovereignty and neutrality. Our unjust rulers are the sherifs of the pharmaceutical industry and the globalist cabal, led by the World Economic Forum.

Vera SHARAV, Holocaust survivor and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, told the 62nd session of Corona Ausschuss D on July 22, 2021 that it is time to acknowledge that conspiracy theories are a reality. She sees the obvious parallels with the Nazi era and denounces the academic fraud perpetrated by the oligarchs through the WHO to enforce deadly health protocols:


Already at the beginning of this year, the Portuguese Supreme Court established the unreliability of PCR tests:  

This court was followed by the Vienna A Administrative Court, which overturned the assembly ban:

On April 8, 2021, the Weimar D Family Court issued a very detailed and well-founded 121-page judgement in which it accused those politically responsibles in Germany of having made completely wrong decisions with the lockdown, the compulsory masking, etc. The judgement is based on the following facts:

See also the comments by lawyer Dr Reiner FÜLLMICH: 

Even in France, a court in Toulouse has ruled that the obligation to wear a mask has no valid legal basis:

I call upon you, the judges of the Supreme Court of the Canton of Bern, to demonstrate your independence and follow the above examples to examine in the merits of the case whether it is really necessary and proportionate to violate our constitutional rights through unreasonable Covid 19 decrees and laws.

Our fundamental rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are non-negotiable.

Be careful not to get yourself burnt up by the cabal and thrown under the bus.

Let us never forget empathy and human dignity!

We do not sell our souls!

Final remarks

This was my 26th and probably last penal trial, of which I won 6 cases.

My age and my failing health begin to limit my activities as a patriotic Swiss dissident.

But it gives me great pleasure to observe at the rallies against the insane Corona measures how many youngsters and adults are committed people who have awakened and are standing up for justice and humanity.

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